8-9 Oct 2020 Saint Vallier de Thiey (France)

Last circular

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemia still shows no signs of slowing down.
Therefore it is necessary to push the date of our meeting even further back, at least into the next year (2021).

As soon as we have a chance to come up with a reasonable and safe meeting date, we will send the next circular around and update our website accordingly.

We believe that we, as a community, will successfully come over these critical times to the benefit of Lunar Laser Ranging and its applications.

First LLR meeting:

Lunar Laser ranging has provided observations since the early days of laser ranging. Despite of a number of notable achievements, we have to note that LLR has comparatively little visibility among all the techniques of space geodesy. This has most likely to do with the detrimental fact that the group of users and producers of observations are rather disconnected from each other.

Therefore the first LLR meeting wishes to bring both the producers, the users and the science behind lunar laser ranging together in order to join our efforts and resources, to define goals and enhance the visibility for a LLR community and last but not least to identify synergies and to plan for the future. In other words, we wish to encourage every group to help and form a visible global community.

Join us !

Where: LLR observatory Grasse (France)

When: 2021

Deadline for submission :

submit_llr.jpg right now!

Agenda items (feel free to suggest more):

  • What would all the individual elements of LLR look like in terms of a community?

  • How do we best act as a community for better mutual benefits?

  • Relationship ILRS – and a lively LLR community (including data quality control and archiving)?

  • Future goals and new missions for LLR? (observation and novel applications)

  • How to facilitate a LLR white paper on the NASA Planetary Sciences Decadal Survey list? (or other similar material for different communities)

  • How to improve the international cooperation?





Organized By

Jean-Marie Torre

Pole Astronomie Géoazur,
Observatoire de la Côte d'Azur (OCA)

Université Côte d'Azur (UCA)

contact: torre@oca.eu


Ulrich Schreiber

Research Unit Satellite Geodesy
Technical University of Munich
Geodetic Observatory Wettzell

contact: schreiber@fs.wettzell.de



 ILRS Germany



Station Laser Meo -Calern France

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